Honing + Superfinishing sticks + Whetstones
     Honing rules


Desirable Cross-hatch Angle


Types of Impregnation

S = sulphur
P = paraffin/oil
T = plastic
Y = sulphur and plastic

The softer the stick,
- the harder the material
- the lower the pressure
- the higher the cutting performance
- the higher the stone wear and tear.
Always begin with a soft stick and progress to the hardest bond consistent with that which gives a consistently acceptable finish.
3. Sulphur impregnation has these advantages: cooling, good cutting, self-lubricating, passive of cut material, reduces pick-up. Sulphured sticks act harder, therefore select a softer grade than when using unfilled sticks.
4. Normal sticks - adhesive melts at around 80 ° C. The melting point of Sulphur is 119 ° C. If the bonding temperature exceeds 10 ° C, there may be sulphur emission from sulphured sticks, and the benefits will be lost. Ensure that the base is clean and smooth when bonding.
5. The Rt for super-finishing preparation should be < 10 µ.
6. Use a lower viscosity honing fluid when honing hardened steel, grey cast iron and chrome.
7. Always filter the fluid thoroughly.
8. Ensure that Honing Tools are in good condition.

The above information is offered for guidance purposes only. For specific problems please contact us.

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