Grinding wheels + Segments
     Grinding rules

1. Never mount a grinding wheel before convincing yourself that it has not been damaged during transport. Vitrified wheels sound clearly when tapping on the rim with a wooden hammer whilst supporting the wheel in the bore.
2. Never have a wheel run at a higher speed than is normal for the quality of the work. Do not use wheels at a speed higher than indicated on the label.

Take care of proper mounting:
a. Spindle and flanges have to be clean.
b. The wheel should fit the spindle easily.
c. Both flanges must be of equal size and have decent chambers.
d. Do not screw the nut too tightly, since the nut of a good machine does not unscrew.
e. Do not use too thin wheels for the relative machine. Filling up the thickness with rings or bushings is prohibited.

4. Use grinding wheels in the right way:
a. After mounting have the wheel run at full speed for at least one minute, without staying in front of it.
b. Feed the work piece to the wheel gradually and do not exercise too much pressure on the wheel. In case of too high a pressure the wheel can become too hol causing rupture. In very cold weather this risk is greater.
c. Thin straight wheels should not be used on the sides and cup wheels with thin boards not on the periphery.
d. Take care that the safety guard and support are adjusted properly. The support as close as possible to the wheel, so that the work piece cannot get between the support and the wheel. Keep the distance between the topside of the working space of the guard and the wheel as little as possible (maximum 1/4").
5. Use conical (tapered) wheels with safety flanges if grinding without guard.
6. Grinding wheels should always be handled with care and the safety prescriptions should not be disregarded. Your safety and that of other people is involved.
7. Protect your eyes by eye-glasses or a protection glass. Do not forget that every accident has a reason. Always try to trace such reasons and our representatives or technicians will gladly assist you. If the reason of an accident has been found, do not hesitate to take measures at once to avoid it happening again.

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